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Food Safety

At the request of a governmental institution, GAE developed a proposal on public policies and amendments to the applicable legal framework for food regulation in agreement with international standards as well as an effective coordination at the ministerial level on this issue. This project resulted in the creation of a specialized governmental agency in charge of agrifood health, safety and quality.

Health Risk Management

GAE developed a strategy at the ministerial level to transform the health risk management system of pharmaceutical and food products, cosmetics, pesticides and fertilizers by undertaking an administrative/organizational review which included a comparison of regulations in key countries. This resulted in the creation of a specialized governmental agency in charge of preventing health risks.

Promotion of Scientific and Technological Innovation

With the implementation of a legislative project which incorporates a strategy of cooperation between the academic, scientific, technological and corporate sectors with the various governmental agencies, a collegiate body was created at the ministerial level for the promotion of science and technology. Also for the allocation of resources to high level research centers in order to promote scientific and technological innovation.

Intellectual Property

By means of legal reforms, the scope and procedures for issuing compulsory licenses for pharmaceutical patents were specified according to internationally accepted criteria.

Protection of Patents

The design of a legal mechanism to protect pharmaceutical patents to avoid the infringement of intellectual property rights in the procedures to issue health authorizations. Compliance with international treaties is made possible by this reform.


GAE designed the legal framework applicable to genetically modified organisms for the agricultural sector. This activity involved a legal analysis comparing key countries and was undertaken in coordination with the academic, governmental and industrial sectors, and organized citizens. Through GAE's efforts, a law and its regulations were enacted.

Genomic Medicine

In order for Mexico to have modern health care institutions, a regulatory framework was established for the creation of a public health care and research institution with the support of federal government agencies.

International Academic Cooperation

Through a strategy linking internationally recognized higher education institutions from the United States and governmental agencies from Mexico, a series of state-of-the-art mega projects have been channeled within the international scientific community.

Corporate Restructuring and Business Groups

GAE has developed the core legal instruments of over thirty organizations, both public and private, as well as various joint venture projects and the integration of business groups.